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Thread: HELP Integra Engine Problems

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    HELP Integra Engine Problems

    Yesterday I was driving in a '99 Integra with a friend of mine. He is running a 75 hp nitrous shot and has his timing advanced to 19 degrees (I know that's a bit risky) He also has intake, header, exaust. Anyways as he shifted into fifth (he was on the bottle) I know he shouldn't have been spraying 5th, but I wasn't driving. the engine started sounding VERY throaty and the exaust was sounding real weird, I really don't know how to describe it. The check engine light came on and about 10 seconds later, as we were pulling over the car died. Upon starting it again the car would not idle. We started it and checked to see if we had blown a piston but there was no clang or anything that would suggest that. My diagnosis was that he ate up a spark plug and hopefully it just desigrated and he's only running on 3 sylinders. Hopefully if it was the spark plug it didn't damage the cylinder head. Does anyone have any ideas. It really didn't sound like a blown least no blown motor that I've ever seen. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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    Re: HELP Integra Engine Problems

    Originally posted by Bopper359
    Does anyone have any ideas about this?

    Just kidding. Could be a number of things. How come you haven't pulled the plugs yet if that's what you think it is?
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    Re: Re: HELP Integra Engine Problems

    Originally posted by G-Forces
    Could be a number of things.
    Like the fact that its an Acura/Honda....j/k...sounds serrice to me he may want to get it checked out...
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