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Important announcements from the staff
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New Member Introductions

New to the forum? introduce yourself. Don't be shy!
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Official Gear

THE official store...well sort of...
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  • 531K Site issues and Help Desk

Discuss any issues or comments regarding and its forum
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Sponsors Only

Sponsor Classifides

Buy, Sell, Trade with fellow sponsors...
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Sponsor Discussion

Vote on issues, beta-test new features, and other benefits of sponsorship
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Sponsor Downloads

FSM's, FAST files, etc
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Product Reviews

Read/post reviews of G20 related products
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G20 Topics

General G20/Primera

Infiniti G20/Nissan Primera news, articles, sales, dealer experiences, etc.
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Wheels, setups, shocks, springs, chassis, tires, handling, brakes
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Intakes, exhaust, cams, nitrous, transmission
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Interior, exterior, pictures
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Car audio, video, security
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Problems, fixes
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Meetings and Events

Organize or talk about meetings, events, dyno days, track days, etc...
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Member's Rides

If you just want to show us your stuff, post here
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Motorsports: General

Open Discussions, Pictures, Results
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Motorsports: Events

Event Specific Discussions, Planning, Schedules
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Motorsports: Technical

Race Prep, Setup Guides, Technical Advice
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Buy / Sell / Trade

Individual Sales

These sections are for posting individual (non business, corporate, or vendor) items.
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Business Sales

These sections are for posting business or corporation based items.
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Auction & Great Deal Listings

Post auction listings (Ebay, Yahoo, etc) or items that you find great deals on.
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Feedback Forum

Post feedback regarding transactions with members/vendors on the forum
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Vendors Official Vendors

Bolt In Bars

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Vendor Deals

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IOS Performance /
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Perry Infiniti Parts

Perry Infiniti Internet Direct Parts
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Need to customize or repair your Infiniti G20? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Off Topic

Cars: Non G20

G35, P12, Skylines, WRX, DSM, Honda, etc
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Completely Off Topic

Posts that dont belong anywhere else
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Sección General

Noticias, artículos, ventas, experiencias con los representantes, etc (Solo Primeras)
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Fuera de Tópico

Comentarios que no van en ningún otro sitio
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