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    I went and picked up a new P11 yesterday to replace the one that was totaled a couple of weeks ago. The guy I bought it from was the original owner and a really nice guy. After telling him what happened to my old G and how much I liked the G20 in general he decided to hold the car for me despite...
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    Welcome to the What is 5port you may ask? Sport + 5MT = 5port. This is a very exclusive club. Why you ask? Here's the reasons: Only available in 2002 Only available in the USDM Very few Sports were manual transmissions (estimated at less than 1,000) So if someone has a 5port, it is a...
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    Welcome to my KR4 5port Progress Thread November 2009 Member Of The Month __________________ Progress This is an index of mods in chronological order. Click on the post number to be taken directly to that part of the thread. Post 023 - Ditched The Mud Flaps Post 025 - Stereo Post...
1-3 of 3 Results