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  1. Maintenance
    Hey Guys, Here is the deal: Low side Pressure when off - 40psi. Low side pressure when A/C is on, car running = 0psi. Flat zero. Is this normal? Engine idles higher, fans run as expected. Not sure if freon is just low or ? When are you supposed to take the reading? I thought it was...
  2. Maintenance
    Hey guys, I installed the A/C condenser but still no A/C. Not sure what else to do. Is it the thermostat? Is it electrical? Do I need to fill up on fluid? Everything looks fine as in how it should be. I'm so confused. Any help or if you could direct me to a topic posting that relates...
  3. Maintenance
    HELP...Its summer in Florida and my 93.5 g20 Air Conditioner died last week. Began getting "weak" (not so cool) a few months back, and finally last week blew warm air when on - except for short stint of cold when driving at high speed. A/C shop replaced the leaking high pressure compressor...
1-3 of 3 Results