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  1. Wheels/Suspension
    Now that we have some good P10 coilover options, I thought it would be a good idea to contribute my impressions of the Agility coilovers, which I purchased around Christmas 2008 to replace my blown front shocks. (I don't do things by half-measures!) Because the relevant information is...
  2. Wheels/Suspension
    My first impression of these coilovers were "wow these are shiny" :teeth:. Putting that aside, they seem to be a well built coilover for the P10's. While inspecting the coilovers I did find they are a TRUE 32 way adjustable coilover (I can count and feel all of the clicks, its not just an...
  3. Wheels/Suspension
    I need to replace a tired OEM suspension on my 1999 P11. I'm interested to know why folks would be interested in AMR and Agility Corp. setups when a big name company like Tein makes the SS's that seem to have lots of positive feedback and cost about the same? I had them on my B14 and they were...
1-3 of 3 Results