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  1. Maintenance
    Can anyone help me out and point me to the location of where i can find the blend door actuator? I’m assuming this is what i need to fix, since hot air is coming out regardless of the temp i set in auto, econ or manual mode. Much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Engine/Transmission
    Hey, so air conditioner has recently decided to crap out on me and was wondering if anyone out there had any bright ideas. I tried to search through previous threads but found nothing that sounded like my problem. 1995 G20 140,000 miles So went to use my air conditioner the other day and...
  3. Maintenance
    Hey guys, I installed the A/C condenser but still no A/C. Not sure what else to do. Is it the thermostat? Is it electrical? Do I need to fill up on fluid? Everything looks fine as in how it should be. I'm so confused. Any help or if you could direct me to a topic posting that relates...
  4. Maintenance
    HELP...Its summer in Florida and my 93.5 g20 Air Conditioner died last week. Began getting "weak" (not so cool) a few months back, and finally last week blew warm air when on - except for short stint of cold when driving at high speed. A/C shop replaced the leaking high pressure compressor...
1-4 of 4 Results