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  1. Bypass A/C Clutch

    Hello fellow g20 owners! I just got done replacing my alternator, and after I cranked it up, it began to smoke pretty bad. so I got underneath it and found that it appears the a/c clutch bearings have gone out. So I'm wondering, can I bypass this, and if so, what size belt would I use? Do...
  2. Weird Electrical and Shift Problems

    Have a 2000 P11. Today, I had the alternator type electrical problems, i.e brake, abs, battery light on, but also had the airbag light on, no headlights, dim dashboard light, dim radio lights, and the o/d off light on and started bucking. Made it off the road, checked under the hood, found...
  3. $150.00 for rebuilt alternator?

    my alternator is out (just got it tested, its dead) and i went to get one and its gonna be $150 AFTER i give them my old one,$250 if i don't. my question is does/has anyone paid that much for a rebuilt alternator? Ive owned a few cars and Ive never paid more than 60 bucks for one, but this is...
  4. Outer ring of crank pulley / harmonic balancer freely spinning?

    Just found this forum, and it looks like the place to get an answer to tricky questions. So, thanks to everyone in advance. I've got a 1996 G20 that is having some interesting problems with dying batteries, and the usual suspects (battery, alternator) have been ruled out. I think it's a...