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  1. General G20/Primera
    Hi. I need a new alternator and am trying to decide if I should by a new "pure energy" brand alternator from rockauto or Rebuilt an OEM at a shop. Anyone know what's the best route? I have a 2000 p11.
  2. Engine/Transmission
    Hello fellow g20 owners! I just got done replacing my alternator, and after I cranked it up, it began to smoke pretty bad. so I got underneath it and found that it appears the a/c clutch bearings have gone out. So I'm wondering, can I bypass this, and if so, what size belt would I use? Do...
  3. Maintenance
    Have a 2000 P11. Today, I had the alternator type electrical problems, i.e brake, abs, battery light on, but also had the airbag light on, no headlights, dim dashboard light, dim radio lights, and the o/d off light on and started bucking. Made it off the road, checked under the hood, found...
  4. Maintenance
    my alternator is out (just got it tested, its dead) and i went to get one and its gonna be $150 AFTER i give them my old one,$250 if i don't. my question is does/has anyone paid that much for a rebuilt alternator? Ive owned a few cars and Ive never paid more than 60 bucks for one, but this is...
  5. Maintenance
    Just found this forum, and it looks like the place to get an answer to tricky questions. So, thanks to everyone in advance. I've got a 1996 G20 that is having some interesting problems with dying batteries, and the usual suspects (battery, alternator) have been ruled out. I think it's a...
1-5 of 5 Results