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  1. Maintenance
    Bought axles from RockAuto - rebuilt units from Cardone. Left is fine and in. Right looks like it is for another G20 as transmission end splines are same number (25) but different cut from OEM (and the left one they sent!). RockAuto had Cardone ship another one. Forget it. Got an axle...
  2. Maintenance
    Are there any howtos for changing out the CV halfshafts? The CV joints in my car are about to die. It vibrates like crazy ass when I turn the wheel hard over. Also how hard/long is this job? I'm tempted to just take it in and fork over the extra cash cause I don't feel like doing this when it's...
  3. Maintenance
    So some people know that I'm running a B13 trans in my G...94 trans to be specific with LSD. When the swap was done, we used a Raxles driver's side axle but kept the original auto non-lsd axle in on the passenger side. Now, my passenger axle is starting to make some really horrible...
1-3 of 3 Results