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  1. Cosmetics
    Hey all, I tried to search but could not find much. I have a front bumper for my 1995 G20T that I got from a junk yard. My current bumper, which is black is broken and the paint is peeling off, because I think it was repainted and they didn't use the right paint for the bumper. I was...
  2. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    I have for sale a 1994 Infiniti G20. 171,250 miles, new rear brakes (june 2008), new EGR solenoid and knock sensor (june 2008). New spark plugs and wires this summer too. Good tires, GREAT GAS MILEAGE! Car averaged more than 30mpg on a recent trip to Louisiana! Black, 4-door, tan leather...
  3. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    FS:2002 Sport Loaded, Auto, Black/Black, Colorado Time to sell the wife's G car. (I am keeping my 99T 5-speed:)) You know the cars but here is the list anyway.... • RARE LOADED 02 SPORT MODEL • GREAT GAS MILEAGE • 95,950 miles • Extremely Well Maintained • Front Air Bags and Front Side Air...
1-4 of 4 Results