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  1. spare goods off a 99 P11t

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    neeeed toooooo selllllll. pm for faster replies. thanks! stock hitachi starter. needs to be remanned. $30 +shipping! two nissan hamburgers. three&1/2 in. wide two&3/8 in. tall. $12 shipped for both![/COLOR] air box with new filter that ran less than 100miles. $20 +shipping! springs.SOLD...
  2. Final word on those small instrument lights.

    I know im new here, but ive been searching this forum all over for about a week now, and still cant find out where to get these bulbs. i understand how they work and how to get them out. i need to get new bulbs for the foglight,hazard,defrogger switches. also for the hvac controls (which im...
  3. FS: P11 Grill, Plate Frame, Primera Badge, HID Parts

    FS: For Sale Items
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