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  1. FS: Jdm Nismo P10 wing, new eGT Bumper, and new P10 D2 SUSPENSION

    FS: For Sale Items
    I just recently had a bad accident :zoinks: :*( and insurance says my car is totaled, im selling the parts i've acquired over time that were meant to go on after it was painted, im asking $250 each for the nismo wing(used but great condition) and the eGT front bumper(new never used and prefer...
  2. Interchangeability question: p11 front bumpers?

    General G20/Primera
    After comparing pictures between mine (99) and Lotto's (02) front bumpers, it seems they're not exactly compatible, as in, they don't bolt on in the same places. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks guys!
  3. P10 Bumper Paint question

    Hey all, I tried to search but could not find much. I have a front bumper for my 1995 G20T that I got from a junk yard. My current bumper, which is black is broken and the paint is peeling off, because I think it was repainted and they didn't use the right paint for the bumper. I was...
  4. WTB: KH3 P11 front bumper

    WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Anybody got one? Preferably close by or willing to ship to 29673? Greatly appreciative if you do. Also, I don't need the fog lights.
  5. WTB front p11 bumper

    WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Don't need fogs, as I already have them, so I just need the bumper. KH3 if possible would be fantastic. Oh, and if it's not local to upstate SC (ATL or Charlotte NC at the furthest), it'll have to be shipped to 29673. Please help me give my naked car something to wear up front. Thanks...