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  1. OOps!! P10 Clutch in a P11!!

    When my clutch blew this winter, I used the key value clutch in my 99t!! I'm just realizing this now as I troubleshoot a strange vibration in the drivetrain. I also found a ripped boot on my driverside axle, which is completly understandable considering the axle has 180000 miles on it and...
  2. Clutch Recommendations

    What's the "best" clutch these days for VE street driving? Just want something that will hold up, not too hard to deal with. I'm running a stock (unkown brand) slipping clutch right now - not a lot of fun w/ the VE.
  3. Fs: Act xtreme clutch nx9-xtss

    FS: For Sale Items
    sells for over $500.. i'm asking $300 or best offer. it's almost new. i used it on my g20 for almost 3k miles.. but it got totaled and i was saving it to put it on my next car.. however i'm not getting another g20 for now.. so i need to sell this clutch.. Xtreme pressure plate and organic street...
  4. poor acceleration

    Hey guys/gals i cant figure out what is wrong with my G. Every time i mash the gas pedal the car just revs up real high, but im still cruising at the same speed before I mashed the gas pedal. I get high revs and no acceleration, but only when i step on it, if i baby the car and dont speed shes...