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  1. Nex Coilover

    Hey, tried doing a search but no luck. Anyone have experience with Nex Coilovers for P11's? Thanks in advance.
  2. AgilityCo :: P10 Review/Install

    My first impression of these coilovers were "wow these are shiny" :teeth:. Putting that aside, they seem to be a well built coilover for the P10's. While inspecting the coilovers I did find they are a TRUE 32 way adjustable coilover (I can count and feel all of the clicks, its not just an...
  3. Review Agility Coilovers

    Review P11 Agility Coilovers I’ve been meaning to do a writeup for some time now but just have been too busy. I have had Agility coilovers for some time now. As far as I know I am the only one with these and the original tester. Out of the box they looked great. They come unassembled so you...
  4. Coilovers-Tein SS, AMR, Agility

    I need to replace a tired OEM suspension on my 1999 P11. I'm interested to know why folks would be interested in AMR and Agility Corp. setups when a big name company like Tein makes the SS's that seem to have lots of positive feedback and cost about the same? I had them on my B14 and they were...