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  1. Wheels/Suspension
    I’m looking to buy coil overs for my 2002 G20. Found some just don’t know what to put the spring rating at. Any help would be much appreciated. Looking to use them for street use.
  2. Wheels/Suspension
    Now that we have some good P10 coilover options, I thought it would be a good idea to contribute my impressions of the Agility coilovers, which I purchased around Christmas 2008 to replace my blown front shocks. (I don't do things by half-measures!) Because the relevant information is...
  3. FS: For Sale Items
    Dump my 94 G20, so selling my suspension set. used for 2 years. 550.00 OBO. email me if interested.
  4. Wheels/Suspension
    Hi there everyone, finally got around to installing my set of AMR Coilovers for the P11 yesterday, although due to me starting in the late evening, I only got the fronts in, though the rear won't take to much time, so look for a update later today. Anywho, I didn't get a chance to take many...
  5. GB: Group Buys
    Ok first off, I have chosen to start this new thread for the actual progress of this buy. WHILE some have been skeptical, which is fine, this thread is for buy members only. I have spoken to Uncle Dave, he has agreed that, while does not fully back this group buy, he will help keep this...
  6. H&R

    H&R NB Kit
  7. JIC SA-1s

    JIC SA-1s right out of the box!
1-13 of 13 Results