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  1. General G20/Primera
    Hello i just got a g20 2002 its my first car 86k miles the owner said his daughter didn't like the car so it sat for a few months I was told from my mechanic friends to check the coolant and flush it i couldn't find what type of coolant and how much it needs in the owners manual, can someone...
  2. Maintenance
    sooo, ac works perfectly, haven't tried the heater ... (yet,) its been hot here in Oregon the last few days and I was rolling around the other day and some smoke stated to slightly roll out the vents but only when accelerating uphill. I am not sure if its an exhaust leak, condensation, my car...
  3. Engine/Transmission
    So I have read and read and found a little bit of info but not really specifically what I'm looking for. This thread helped. My situation: I live on a hill. Road is pretty steep 4 miles long. This is my first summer with my car. As of now my needle moves from about half(normal) up to about 3/4...
1-3 of 3 Results