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  1. Cosmetics
    Hey guys i pulled the cup holder out of the back seat of a G20. Then i cut a hole in the arm rest up front between the seats and sunk the new one in. Now i have two cup holder up front. pics to come.
  2. FS: For Sale Items
    Hi everyone. I have single din taurus cupholder for sale. It was installed in my car and is predrilled so you can simply attach the brackets off of whatever is currently in your single din space. I had this mounted in my P10, looks great. I'll get pics later, by ya'll know what they look like...
  3. FS: For Sale Items
    I installed a different cupholder thise weekend so I'm selling this one. Here is a pic of the cupholder... Mine is just a tad lighter color then, more of a charcoal but is flawless, no scratches, nicks or anything. $30 shipped obo. I cant upload pics on my friends pc for some reason so I...
1-4 of 4 Results