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  1. Cosmetics
    So, after all the carbon fiber goodness provided by EricDD (door pillars, fog trim accent, door sills and the Impul replica grille that I won't install), it was time to look for more. I was looking for a great dash kit and found this old thread (
  2. Dash

  3. my car is leet! :-P

    I was pulling into my garage this morning and I saw that my car was trying to tell me something, that she is l337!
  4. painted my dash trim silver :)

    Another shot of my dash silver dash trim (yes I know I need to clean the rest of my dashboard which is uber-dusty)
  5. painted my dash trim silver :)

    I just painted my dash trim silver... oooh it looks so sexy :)
1-5 of 5 Results