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  1. Meetings and Events
    Ok so if you guys want to get a few runs in before the snow falls down n winter projects start for only 5 bucks we can go get dyno'd, everyone gets 3 runs to get a good baseline for 5 bucks per vehicle u bring, and u can download your graph from our website. there will even be giveaways for...
  2. ASSAMI dyno

  3. JustinP10 dyno

  4. AJA-GTi dyno

  5. GT20iR dyno

  6. My 1st dyno

    My 1st dyno run. Pretty much stock, just a cone filter and 2 1/4" exhaust.
  7. 99g20t baseline dyno

    stock dyno on 99g20t. Car had 65k miles on it.
1-9 of 9 Results