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  1. VVL/VE
    Ok yes, I am joining the VE club. :teeth: First off, this is definitely a budget build! Maybe in a couple years I'll be able to save some "fun" money. For now I had about 3500 to play with and part of that had to include buying a manual P10 (my auto becomes my wife's DD). I found a pretty...
  2. Member's Rides
    since there doesn't seem to be a club for us AT members Got an AT, then you can join! members: 1. vinceoftexas 2. AzG20P11 3. robkris8079 4. 00 blk G20t 5. defaeced 6. dabrits 7. burubuduy 8. g20-t 9. ace` 10.Borist72 11.hyperlitefreak26 12.nUtStyle 13.Phillip J. Fry 14.hypesteez 15.G20...
1-2 of 3 Results