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  1. SSAC Downpipe

  2. SSAC Header

  3. Engine/Transmission
    Can anyone help point me in the right direction. I have an 01 G20t and apparently someone replaced the down pipe without an O2 bung. So they cut off the O2 sensor and put on some override thing. Now that isn't working and the dash is throwing an O2 error code. With this error I cannot pass...
  4. Maintenance
    So while on my way to finalize a deal in Massachusetts, my check engine light came on. The codes read as P0136 (rear heated oxygen sensor) and P0400 (EGR function). Those descriptions are according to the FSM. The only recent work I've done under the hood was changing the valve cover gasket...
  5. Engine/Transmission
    So I thought I would include a brief "synopsis" of my exhaust woes. My 96 G 5 spd had the exhaust rusting problem. I tired to go stock cat-back off of ebay $215 shipped!!! great price, but 3 days after paypaling the the money, it was refunded with "we don't have anymore" and the included...
  6. Engine/Transmission
    Hey guys, New problem here! After a long drive from Miami I recently noticed that when I start my car up it makes a low rumbling sound, kind of like my muffler has a hole in it.... but after a few minutes of driving the sound dissappears!!! Could I have a small hole in my exhaust somewhere...
  7. fart pipe

    the muffla!
  8. courtesy b-pipe3

    courtesy nissan b14 bpipe
  9. Courtesy b-pipe 2

    courtesy nissan Bpipe 2
  10. Courtesy B-pipe 1

    courtesy nissan b14 exhaust
1-14 of 14 Results