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  1. General G20/Primera
  2. Cosmetics
    [/IMG] So i finally learned guys thanks everyone for making me feel stupid lol. . . but for reals here is the finished product looks good huh i painted my seat to will try to get pics of that too but now that i know how to upload pics best believe ill post more soon. . . so let me know what...
  3. Engine/Transmission
    HELP everyone to understand not hate or rude=) I have a 2002 g20 5 speed, i need to know all the things i will run in to for a sr20ve neo vvl swap????
  4. General G20/Primera
    Willing to shoot you like 5 dollars or something to look up a carfax will pay through paypal. Need this pretty fast please let me know. I will pm you or email you the vin#. thanks
1-4 of 5 Results