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  1. Engine
    I'm having some weird issues with my '94 G20. The car will fire right up if it's cold, and has been left alone for a while. However, after driving the car and getting it up to temperature, it will refuse to start again once shut off. To elaborate, the first time you turn the key after the car's...
  2. FS: For Sale Items
    I have an almost new walbro 255 fuel pump that i bought right before i crashed my car. need the money... selling it for $80 shipped
  3. Engine/Transmission
    Not quite sure where to put this, but here is my question: Does anyone stick to a particular brand of gasoline? Do you notice any difference in MPG? Reason I ask is that about a year ago I started working for Chevron. I had never purchased their gasoline before as it was always 5~7 cents...
1-3 of 3 Results