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  1. Maintenance
    So I have a problem with the 10A fuse in the engine. I changed my rear taillight bulbs. Cause one was melted. And then I fixed the trunk harness that was cut. All my trunk lights turn on. Reverse, brakes and turn signals. Just no running lights. I tried to look for a wire touching something. I...
  2. Audio/Security
    I'm not sure when it happened, but I recently noticed that my subs weren't working while driving on the highway. When I got to where I was going I took a look in the trunk. My Capacitor was not showing a charge on it's LED display, but the amp that drives my 4 speakers was still working. All...
  3. Maintenance
    I've read the other posts on fuses, but I can't find the exact answer I need. In February, a fuse blew in my car, causing the dash lights and tail lights to go out. I'm a car novice so I took it to the dealer, who changed the fuse. I figured it was a fluke and forgot about it. This Saturday...
1-3 of 3 Results