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  1. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Sadly I need to part ways with my g20. Here’s the Facebook post: Link Feel free to let me know if you have any questions
    $2,000 USD
  2. Engine
    I have a 01 g20. I’m still learning a lot about it. How much power could I get out of my sr20de? Keeping it naturally aspirated. In the future I’ll be doing a VE swap but for now I’d like to put in some more time so I can continue to learn.
  3. Engine/Transmission
    So I'm driving to a friend's place in the middle of the night during the biggest snowstorm of 2021...In northern Minnesota. I'm going through drifts that most people wouldn't take a full size 4WD into. Almost made it. The belt that runs the waterpump and power steering came off due to the amount...
  4. Member's Rides
    Hi all, I recently purchased my first Nissan Primera after wanting one for many years. Being from the UK I thought it would never happen as most of them have rotten away. I picked this up from a welshman (completely sight unseen) who had previously owned 2 eGTs and actually owned his own...
  5. General G20/Primera
    Hi all I was just wondering why is it when I put my 2001 g20 into reverse I have o rev the engine a bit to get it actually engage? It’s an auto trans and doesn’t do it in any other gear. Thanks in advance! Joe
  6. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    SOLD!! I brought it back in 2007, 210xxx miles now. VE engine cover, weapon R secret weapon short ram intake. Stainless steel megan racing header, downpipe. 2.25 in catback exhaust, magnaflow SS exhaust. Primera p11 HID headlights, jdm corners. Just to list few parts. Been using Castrol edge...
  7. My G20

    black 1999 INFINITI G20 Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder Horsepower: 145 hp
  8. Engine/Transmission
    Please help me guys. This is the swap I'm looking into. I don't want to jump the gun with out knowing! I have a 96 p10 and i wanna swap to the neo vvl
  9. New Member Introductions
    Just got an 01 Infiniti g20 and it has been a love hate relationship so far lol. I bought it with a junkyard motor installed. Been changing sensors left and right and going through the ignition system atm. Right now im kind of help up on a certain pigtail/connector that i need for my...
  10. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Meticulously-maintained, fully-equipped luxury compact sedan in EXCELLENT condition! Classic Red clearcoat paint with Stone Beige leather interior (vehicle photos available). This vehicle has 123,000 miles (primarily highway miles) - Driven by non-smoker. *New front and rear brakes (pads &...
  11. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    New price $3300 I hate to get rid of this car, but I work from home now, and pretty much never drive it. The car is a 1999 G20T with 164,000 miles on it. Manual transmission, which is still very smooth, clutch works great too. The only mechanical issues are a vibration at 65 mph, I think...
  12. Cosmetics
    I drive an '02 P11 and am in desperate need of a front bumper as my OEM stock bumper is falling apart. Being I am only 18, all parts need to go through my parents (BS) but yeah, this is a part they will accept and I have been crushing hard on the TE-V Front Bumper. Where can I find one for...
  13. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    good car with 107,xxx miles on it the only problem is engine blown and windshield is cracked this car is a GAS SAVER takes 35 dollars to fill up custom interior black carpet black vinyl and black suede infiniti logo on headliner gold paint tinted windows dont wanna let it go but have no choice...
  14. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Hello Everyone, I had been hesitant to put this up, but its time. I have a 1996 Infiniti G20 base 5 Speed that has provided dutiful service for 10 years and is now sadly overheating, likely due to worn or leaking head gasket and/or leaking water pump. She has lived a good life with me, and I...
  15. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Decided to sell my baby in pursuit of another one. She's an automatic 99 g20t kr4(color) with the works asking $6,500 O.B.O (786)343-5796 From factoring she came with the touring package-Fog lights, sun roof, black leather interior, 12 spoke wheels, and limited slip differential...
  16. FS: For Sale Items
    Non running......motor is out. I think it needs rings or a head gasket ( I bought it with the bad motor). After removing the motor I found that it will need halfshafts and a front mount. Asking $500 obo. I am in ohio and will post pics soon. Get ahold of me if you are interested. Also have a...
  17. Maintenance
    Hi again folks... So now my '95 G20 is steadily creeping towards 213,000 miles... And I'd like to keep it on the road as long as possible.. I just got me a new inspection sticker by repairing my windshield wipers and getting the hole in my muffler welded... But now the car kinda seems...
  18. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Hey, it's been about three years since I've sold my '91, and I'm back in the market for another P10. Preferably, it would be in or around Long Island, NY. The only requirements I have are that 1. It's a 5-speed and 2. It's at least in fair, driveable condition. I am looking to spend about 1k. If...
  19. FS: For Sale Items
    I have an almost new walbro 255 fuel pump that i bought right before i crashed my car. need the money... selling it for $80 shipped
1-20 of 44 Results