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  1. Maintenance
    My g20t 1994 has a power steering leak I belive in the return hose but I can’t find one for sale!! It’s in front of the radiator.. I also need a cluster or repair it..
  2. Maintenance
    The brakes on my 2002 G20 Sport are about ready to be changed... but times are hard and our family is looking to be prudent in our expenditures. Is brake replacement something I can do myself, or do I really need to take the car to a mechanic? I'm good with my hands and have a technical...
  3. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Decided to sell my baby in pursuit of another one. She's an automatic 99 g20t kr4(color) with the works asking $6,500 O.B.O (786)343-5796 From factoring she came with the touring package-Fog lights, sun roof, black leather interior, 12 spoke wheels, and limited slip differential...
  4. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Hey everyone I posted this car a while back and got a couple of hits but no buys. This is why i have lowered the price significantly. The car is a silver 94 g20 touring edition. Leather seats, sunroof, power everything....the usual that comes in the touring edition. It has alpine cd,mp3,media...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I'm Mike and I'm in Greensboro, NC. I just bought a 94 G20t yesterday for a very low price (straight cash). It's pretty banged up but it's mine and it's rolling. It's my first car so I'm excited to do some cosmetic things to it, of course, but I'm a college student so budget is really really...
  6. P11, and G35

    Another shot at the Infiniti Dealership at night with some G35's.
1-6 of 11 Results