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  1. General G20/Primera
    Hello i just got a g20 2002 its my first car 86k miles the owner said his daughter didn't like the car so it sat for a few months I was told from my mechanic friends to check the coolant and flush it i couldn't find what type of coolant and how much it needs in the owners manual, can someone...
  2. Maintenance
    My g20t 1994 has a power steering leak I belive in the return hose but I can’t find one for sale!! It’s in front of the radiator.. I also need a cluster or repair it..
  3. VVL/VE
    Im gonna swap the vvl into my p10. i found an offer for the 20v, with ecu and 6 speed trans from p12. i wanted to know if the the p12 6 speed would fit with stock mounts in the p10. i feel like it would be a badass set up. ik theres some smart cats in here. so help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Maintenance
    I have a 91 G20 and it won't start, i think it might be electrical problems but idk? I got a new battery, a new starter, new spark plugs, yet it still won't crank over. Can anyone help me?:baffled:
1-4 of 4 Results