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  1. Maintenance
    sooo, ac works perfectly, haven't tried the heater ... (yet,) its been hot here in Oregon the last few days and I was rolling around the other day and some smoke stated to slightly roll out the vents but only when accelerating uphill. I am not sure if its an exhaust leak, condensation, my car...
  2. Maintenance
    Can anyone help me out and point me to the location of where i can find the blend door actuator? I’m assuming this is what i need to fix, since hot air is coming out regardless of the temp i set in auto, econ or manual mode. Much appreciated, thanks!
  3. Maintenance
    Here's my dilemma, I was working on the dragon this past thursday and said "TO HELL WITH IT", I wanna relocate my HVAC unit to the very bottom of the control panel. So far I've unhooked all the electrical hookups to it from the back except that damn stupid blue cable which I think controls the...
1-6 of 6 Results