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  1. Cosmetics
    ive tried looking at ebay, and craiglists but found nearly nothing, my last option is to import it from a seller in japan, which is very expensive.. any knowledge to where i can find these parts in EU or my last options? i would apreciate it a lot
  2. FS: For Sale Items
    Sold the G20, have these parts left, I guess they are pretty rare? I purchased these directly off of Yahoo Japan last year. All said and done I paid about $1300 for these. All are in excellent used condition. P10 Primera side skirts SOLD!! P10 Primera rear bumper SOLD!! I’d recommend using...
    $350 USD
  3. Cosmetics
    Hi guys! I'm looking for altia wing and rear bumper from G20 00+, I have rear lip skirts from camino wagon and they don't fit to rear bumper from my P11 GT. I prefer Europe due to easier shipping metodes, but I know that's difficult search usdm/jdm parts in Europe. If you have these things and...
  4. JDM Tail Lights

    New add on to my ride JDM is the way to go
  5. FS: For Sale Items
    Genuine front bumper from IMPUL, not the alternative knock-off aeromaster brand, mesh already built in from the manufacturer. Had this sitting in the garage for almost a year now and installing it is obviously not on my priority list. Never unwrapped the bubble sheets until now, for pics...
  6. Cosmetics
    any idea from what model this came from? the basic shape looks to be like a B13 or maybe B14 Sentra? tia, Tevs
  7. FS: For Sale Items
    Ok i have 2 more P10 Suspensions by D2 im asking $650 for each neg. (check there site for specs but there pretty awesome and best bang for buck imo) Nismo wing for P10 painted obsidian black, asking $250 neg. Wing has the nismo badge and is pretty rare ,great condition! these are the last...
  8. FS: For Sale Items
    Please close
  9. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    I live here in Japan and I have this P10 Primera emblem and other very cool JDM items for sale. LINK to the auction: Thanks again, Chris in Japan
  10. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    Hello, I live in Japan and I have stuff on ebay all the time. Have been a contributing member to this forum for some time now, have sold on ebay over 5 years with excellent feedback too. Please have a look at my items. LINK to items...
  11. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    I have one on ebay now, check it out. LINK: Thanks again, chris in Japan
  12. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    I have this up on ebay, kind of hard to find these days and I live here in Japan. LINK to my auction: Thank you again, Chris in Japan
1-14 of 14 Results