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  1. Howto: - P11 FOB Fix - 'Hard to Press' Key FOB Buttons

    OK, I'm sure alot of people might be experiencing this now. Your key FOB doesn't seem to work, so you change the battery and still, it's tough to get it to work. Well, I just ran into this with a FOB I picked up from eBay. I figured it out why. Over time, the little pads on the back of the...
  2. HowTo: P11 Setting Remote Key Fob

    Search words: P11 remote, key fob, remote key fob, setting remote, setting key fob, resetting key fob, resetting remote. I decided to buy an extra key fob for my P11 because I only had one. Anyway, found it for $20 or so including shipping on ebay. To get this new key fob to work here is...