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leather fabric color paint g20 combination
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  1. 1990 G20 brochure-color & upholstery back cover

    Not all inerior and exterior color combinations are available at all times. And a bunch of "reserve the right to make changes at anytime" legalese.
  2. 1990 G20 brochure-color & upholstery inside front

    The G20's brilliant finish is a result of traditional hand craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. We wanted its mirror-like reflectivity to be superior to any in its class, with a lasting shine and durability. Preparation: The G20 body is precision formed of specially treated
  3. 1990 G20 brochure-color & upholstery inside pg2

    "At Infiniti, we consider beauty and harmony to be two aspects of a single whole, to be appreciated on many levels. The finish of a car, for example, should reflect a sensitivity to the environment, its individuality quietly defining the car's place in its surroundings. It provides a lasting
  4. 1990 G20 brochure-color & upholstery

    Front cover of the 1990 G20 color and upholstery brochure
1-7 of 7 Results