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  1. Huge Problem, Please Help!

    Hi all... This is my first post here, yep I'm a newb, but I really need some help. I'm low on money, stranded about 400 miles away from home, and have no idea whats going on with my car. First, before I explain the problem I really need help with this... I took my car to 3 autozones, 1 tire...
  2. G20 - 2000 MAF ( Mass Air Flow) Sensor

    General G20/Primera
    Newbie here. My Infiniti G20 2000 is giving the code P0171 and got it checked with mechanic. Mechanic is saying that MAF is not showing the voltage appropriately for different RPM and so wanted to replace the MAF for 375$. Wanted to check other options of saving money. MAF is pretty easy to...
  3. HowTo: MAF reground (pics)

    This is a copy of a How To in the engine sub-forum. But with this thread it won't be locked so people can ask questions and make posts. At the end of the "copy" I've added some more info that is more specific to us. It was done on my 02 G20 and done a bit differently. This is actually a HOW...