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  1. FS: For Sale Items
    Sliver Nismo wheels for sale. I took them off of the car because one has a hairline Crack that's leaking air slowly. I sold my P11 G20 recently so those are just sitting in my garage taking up space. Lmk if you are interested. $500 comes with all lug nuts, center cap, valve caps, and an extra...
  2. FS: For Sale Items
    Ok i have 2 more P10 Suspensions by D2 im asking $650 for each neg. (check there site for specs but there pretty awesome and best bang for buck imo) Nismo wing for P10 painted obsidian black, asking $250 neg. Wing has the nismo badge and is pretty rare ,great condition! these are the last...
  3. FS: For Sale Items
    I just recently had a bad accident :zoinks: :*( and insurance says my car is totaled, im selling the parts i've acquired over time that were meant to go on after it was painted, im asking $250 each for the nismo wing(used but great condition) and the eGT front bumper(new never used and prefer...
  4. Member's Rides
    Okay folks, I've been a member for quite some time, but I have never done a formal introduction. Seeing that SARCAZM and DJCSLICE have started their own progression threads, I thought I'd follow suit. I purchased it back in the winter of 2006. It sat for half a season because I was finishing...
1-6 of 6 Results