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  1. For Sale Infiniti G20

    CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Hey everyone, recently bought an automatic 2000 Infiniti G20. Headed back to school in September and I won't be able to keep it around. Been driving her no issues for the last month until the controller arm crapped out. Other than that, to my knowledge she's all good, decent bit of rust along...
    $1 CAD
  2. Member's Rides
    Hi all, I recently purchased my first Nissan Primera after wanting one for many years. Being from the UK I thought it would never happen as most of them have rotten away. I picked this up from a welshman (completely sight unseen) who had previously owned 2 eGTs and actually owned his own...
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  9. JDM Tail Lights

    New add on to my ride JDM is the way to go
  10. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm looking for as close as I can get to what would come stock on the trunk of a P10 Primera. If it's in the realm of clean, chrome, and not really big (off a truck is the worst I can imagine), I'm interested. If I can't find anything here, I'll most likely go to a junkyard or eBay. I'm by no...
  11. Cosmetics
    Could anyone describe and/or show me a pic of the rear Nissan badge off a P10 Primera? I'm assuming that it's made of something a little heftier than plastic, and chrome-faced? Thank you.
  12. Meetings and Events
    Freakmont X (10) Date is Set. We are a go. Mark your calendars, Put in your time off, Freakmont is an event by and for Nissan Enthusiasts. From Minis to Monsters, Daily to Show to Race, Anyone part of the hamburger family is welcomed.. * Nissan * Infiniti * Datsun *...
1-14 of 14 Results