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  1. Member's Rides
    Hi all, I recently purchased my first Nissan Primera after wanting one for many years. Being from the UK I thought it would never happen as most of them have rotten away. I picked this up from a welshman (completely sight unseen) who had previously owned 2 eGTs and actually owned his own...
  2. Engine
    Hey Guys, i recently sprung an oil leak on the Right side of my SR engine, it is a Sr20det with A VVL head, it appears to be coming from under the intake manifold, like from the oil filter housing,that also has a oil pressure sending unit I believe. my question is, is there a gasket there?(part...
  3. Transmission
    Hey guys, new to the community, I'm wanting to see if anyone has any input on this, I have a 92 Infiniti g20 with what I believe to be a 99 Infiniti trans, non LSD. I believe my trans 3rd gear going out and would like to just swap one in and out without modifications. number on side of...
  4. VVL/VE
    Im gonna swap the vvl into my p10. i found an offer for the 20v, with ecu and 6 speed trans from p12. i wanted to know if the the p12 6 speed would fit with stock mounts in the p10. i feel like it would be a badass set up. ik theres some smart cats in here. so help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Engine/Transmission
    Please help me guys. This is the swap I'm looking into. I don't want to jump the gun with out knowing! I have a 96 p10 and i wanna swap to the neo vvl
  6. Turbo
    Hello, i have a g20 p10 with a low port sr20de. i was wonder if theres any engines i can swap in (neo vvl, sr20det, etc...) that will pass emission as my car has not reached 25 years yet. Also if you do know what motors can be done, it would be greatly appreciated if any other information, such...
  7. IMG00079

    P10 visiting my P11
  8. Maintenance
    Ok, some background info: 96 Inf g20 112K miles OE everything 5-speed w/no pop out (:D) my g20 was sitting for a few years before i got it, and here are some problems Ive ran into so far: 1. the person before me says they never changed the oil while they drove it (they only had it a few...
  9. New Member Introductions
    I'm the proud new owner of a black '94 G20. I bought it a few weeks ago from the second owner, who bought it from her ex boyfriend, who bought it new. So essentially it's kinda like a one owner ;-). It's black with the tan leather and brown vinyl interior. I totally love it. It's only got 82,000...
  10. FS: For Sale Items
    My Very Last P10 D2 Suspension instock $650 - new in box $650 shipped This isnt gonna last long, and I dont have too many P10 JDM parts left so let me know soon guys, thanks. If interested, call n leave a message or text me at 1-954-798-0601... I can't get on here as often as i'd like...
  11. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Hello Everyone, I had been hesitant to put this up, but its time. I have a 1996 Infiniti G20 base 5 Speed that has provided dutiful service for 10 years and is now sadly overheating, likely due to worn or leaking head gasket and/or leaking water pump. She has lived a good life with me, and I...
  12. FS: For Sale Items
    Ok i have 2 more P10 Suspensions by D2 im asking $650 for each neg. (check there site for specs but there pretty awesome and best bang for buck imo) Nismo wing for P10 painted obsidian black, asking $250 neg. Wing has the nismo badge and is pretty rare ,great condition! these are the last...
  13. Maintenance
    1. Leaks Out of nowhere my car started to make grinding noises whenever I turned the steering wheel and it would kind of shake and resist as I was turning it. Around my car were a trail of spots where some type of fluid had leaked. When I popped the hood I saw that the radiator coolant reservoir...
  14. FS: For Sale Items
    I just recently had a bad accident :zoinks: :*( and insurance says my car is totaled, im selling the parts i've acquired over time that were meant to go on after it was painted, im asking $250 each for the nismo wing(used but great condition) and the eGT front bumper(new never used and prefer...
  15. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm looking for as close as I can get to what would come stock on the trunk of a P10 Primera. If it's in the realm of clean, chrome, and not really big (off a truck is the worst I can imagine), I'm interested. If I can't find anything here, I'll most likely go to a junkyard or eBay. I'm by no...
  16. Cosmetics
    Could anyone describe and/or show me a pic of the rear Nissan badge off a P10 Primera? I'm assuming that it's made of something a little heftier than plastic, and chrome-faced? Thank you.
  17. Member's Rides
    The weather was exceptionally nice here in Chicago, I'd figure it's about time I gave the G20 a wash. Enjoy the photos! I used my Nikon D90 18-135mm CP Filter
  18. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Hey, it's been about three years since I've sold my '91, and I'm back in the market for another P10. Preferably, it would be in or around Long Island, NY. The only requirements I have are that 1. It's a 5-speed and 2. It's at least in fair, driveable condition. I am looking to spend about 1k. If...
  19. Audio/Security
    Hey, I don't really want to buy a new head unit, so I'm trying to figure out all of my options before I end up doing it. I want to hardwire my ipod into my head unit. I've seen a lot of people do it in p11s, but I can't seem to find anything about p10s. Anyone know anything? Thanks Ksax
1-19 of 125 Results