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  1. All Tuned-Up

    I just finished tuning up my "G". This included swapping my valve cover to a newer powder coated one oh, and a tune-up that included changing my OEM fuel filter, NGK sparks plugs and wires, OEM valve cover gasket kit, OEM cap & rotor, K&N oil filter, Chevron Tekron gas treatment (f
  2. K&N Precharger Wrap

    This is a K&N Precharger Wrap designed to eliminate unwanted dust dirt and oil from contaminating your intake filter K&N part#22-8049PK $19.99 ($25.00 shipped)
  3. Nissan Glossy P10 Handle (Alternates)

    These are P10 door handle alternates that give your older P10 model G20 (91 thru 96) a NEW unibody look. These car color glossy finished door handles replace either the flat black door handles found on the 91 thru 93 model G20's or the Chrome Door handles found on the 94 thru 96 G20 models. The hand
1-3 of 3 Results