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  1. Member's Rides
    Hi all, I recently purchased my first Nissan Primera after wanting one for many years. Being from the UK I thought it would never happen as most of them have rotten away. I picked this up from a welshman (completely sight unseen) who had previously owned 2 eGTs and actually owned his own...
  2. Cosmetics
    Hey there, new to so not too sure how everything works haha. I’ve been after a set of P11 USDM tail lights and finding a set in New Zealand is nigh impossible, so I’ve decided to come here in hopes of finding someone who’s willing to ship a set to New Zealand for me, more than happy to...
  3. General G20/Primera
    Hello all, EU Primera owner here, noob question ahead. My car's soon to be inspected and registered, so it can finally get on the roads. I checked the general condition and when I tested fog lights, front ones do work fine, but the rear there one or two? Only the left rear fog light...
  4. JDM Tail Lights

    New add on to my ride JDM is the way to go
  5. Cosmetics
    I drive an '02 P11 and am in desperate need of a front bumper as my OEM stock bumper is falling apart. Being I am only 18, all parts need to go through my parents (BS) but yeah, this is a part they will accept and I have been crushing hard on the TE-V Front Bumper. Where can I find one for...
  6. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm looking for as close as I can get to what would come stock on the trunk of a P10 Primera. If it's in the realm of clean, chrome, and not really big (off a truck is the worst I can imagine), I'm interested. If I can't find anything here, I'll most likely go to a junkyard or eBay. I'm by no...
  7. Cosmetics
    Could anyone describe and/or show me a pic of the rear Nissan badge off a P10 Primera? I'm assuming that it's made of something a little heftier than plastic, and chrome-faced? Thank you.
  8. Cosmetics
    I bought my daughter a 2000 G20 that has both headlight housings cracked and broken and it will not pass inspection. I have 3 choices: Find used ones at a junk yard, order the housing only on line for about $150 each, or buy a Primera OEM from a seller in Japan on e-bay (cost, including...
  9. FS: For Sale Items
    Please delete
  10. FS: For Sale Items
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  11. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    Hello, I live in Japan and I have stuff on ebay all the time. Have been a contributing member to this forum for some time now, have sold on ebay over 5 years with excellent feedback too. Please have a look at my items. LINK to items...
  12. Turbo
    Any one knows where I can get a down pipe for turbo 93 g20
1-12 of 12 Results