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  1. JDM Tail Lights

    JDM Tail Lights

    New add on to my ride JDM is the way to go
  2. Cosmetics
    I drive an '02 P11 and am in desperate need of a front bumper as my OEM stock bumper is falling apart. Being I am only 18, all parts need to go through my parents (BS) but yeah, this is a part they will accept and I have been crushing hard on the TE-V Front Bumper. Where can I find one for...
  3. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm looking for as close as I can get to what would come stock on the trunk of a P10 Primera. If it's in the realm of clean, chrome, and not really big (off a truck is the worst I can imagine), I'm interested. If I can't find anything here, I'll most likely go to a junkyard or eBay. I'm by no...
  4. Cosmetics
    Could anyone describe and/or show me a pic of the rear Nissan badge off a P10 Primera? I'm assuming that it's made of something a little heftier than plastic, and chrome-faced? Thank you.
  5. Cosmetics
    I bought my daughter a 2000 G20 that has both headlight housings cracked and broken and it will not pass inspection. I have 3 choices: Find used ones at a junk yard, order the housing only on line for about $150 each, or buy a Primera OEM from a seller in Japan on e-bay (cost, including...
  6. FS: For Sale Items
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  7. FS: For Sale Items
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  8. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    Hello, I live in Japan and I have stuff on ebay all the time. Have been a contributing member to this forum for some time now, have sold on ebay over 5 years with excellent feedback too. Please have a look at my items. LINK to items...
  9. Turbo
    Any one knows where I can get a down pipe for turbo 93 g20