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  1. General G20/Primera
    Hello everyone ! I'm new on here, recently I have purchased p11 primera se and I'm really enjoying it but being non gt model it looks too basic for me. I would like to upgrade few bits on it to make it look bit more sporty. I'm after few bits like GT front and rear bumper with side skirts or...
  2. General G20/Primera
    Brake lights work, but spoiler light does not. 21 year of working, first time I've had a bulb go bad (that I can remember at least). If I unclip the spoiler light, any easy way to test to see if it's just the light that is bad? Per this thread, there is the suggestion that it could be the...
  3. Cosmetics
    hey i have a maui 02 im going to post pictures soon but i was thinking about putting an impreza sti roof spoiler on it what do you guys think of that??
1-3 of 3 Results