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  1. Member's Rides
    Hi all, I recently purchased my first Nissan Primera after wanting one for many years. Being from the UK I thought it would never happen as most of them have rotten away. I picked this up from a welshman (completely sight unseen) who had previously owned 2 eGTs and actually owned his own...
  2. SR20DET (U13)

    My DET, cheap cam tho...
  3. valve cover put back in place

    Here is the valve cover placed back where it should be. To see what it looks like done, refer back to hte first pic ;)
  4. cleaning the edge

    my friend helping clean aroudn the edges where the new gasket and sealant must go
  5. another shot of the motor

    Another shot of the motor while she's open
  6. timing chain

    The timing chain!
  7. valve cover removed

    My valve cover is removed! Look at those beautiful SR20 cams. This picture doesn't do them justice.
  8. Me working on my car

    Here is me working on my car!
  9. G working on my car...

    G (burningsquirrels) claims to be a domestic guy, but here is proof that he's CRAZY about imports!
  10. engine before

    my valve cover after some cleaning with simple green, right before I was going to do the job.
  11. Found this on eBay....tite

    What to say?
1-11 of 11 Results