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  1. Engine/Transmission
    I recently picked up an 02 g20 with a sr20de. It's an auto so I know I can't do much performance wise, but looking around, headers was one thing I could upgrade. I didn't want to buy a header off of ebay so I found an oem sr20det header. As far as I'm aware this should fit, my question was...
  2. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I need the stock (OEM) intake and exhaust camshaft set for zip is 39401 [email protected] thanks Bentley
  3. Turbo
    Any one knows where I can get a down pipe for turbo 93 g20
  4. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    I really need to move my 94 turbo G20t quickly to buy a truck for work. The car is silver with black leather interior. It has power windows,locks,seats,sunroof,etc. The stereo is Alpine media expander with pioneer components.It has dual guage A-pillar pod with boost and EGT. Also has GReddy...
  5. Turbo
    Turbo write up PART II -- with PICS - 56k beware So, I'm upgrading turbo's since I want some more power (Write up for the current setup can be found here: This is my current setup: Avenir W10 T25 Turbo Avenir Manifold Spearco 27x5x2.5" (2"...
  6. SR20DET (U13)

    My DET, cheap cam tho...
  7. Engine Bay Pic

    Engine Bay
  8. Engine Bay Pic

    Engine Bay
  9. Engine Bay Pic

    Engine Bay
  10. Engine Bay Pic

    Engine Bay
  11. BB DET

1-12 of 12 Results