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  1. Motorsports: Technical
    Hi All, Need some help with my racer. I have built a Primera p10 for Nurburgring RCN/VLN series and after our first test day, it was obvious that the gearing is not optimal. We have now narrowed the options to VW Dsg Or P11 gearbox with shorter final drive. DSG would require more work so...
  2. VVL/VE
    Im gonna swap the vvl into my p10. i found an offer for the 20v, with ecu and 6 speed trans from p12. i wanted to know if the the p12 6 speed would fit with stock mounts in the p10. i feel like it would be a badass set up. ik theres some smart cats in here. so help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Turbo
    Hello, i have a g20 p10 with a low port sr20de. i was wonder if theres any engines i can swap in (neo vvl, sr20det, etc...) that will pass emission as my car has not reached 25 years yet. Also if you do know what motors can be done, it would be greatly appreciated if any other information, such...
  4. VVL/VE
    Hello anyone know if SR20 Neo VVL will go into a 93 G20, and what we need to swap. Any info pls
  5. Member's Rides
    So here is the story from the beginning. As everyone knows i got into an accident. It happened on April 26 2008. here are some pictures of the aftermath. So i was in search of a car. I saw another G20 sport white for 5500, i was too late to act. So i missed out. I was giving up. I was in...
  6. VVL/VE
    It's happening, guys. I am going up to NJ to pick up the VE on Thursday, Aug. 7, and the swap will take place the weekend of Aug. 16-17 (I would do it on the 9-10th, but my cousin is getting married on the 9th and I think my family would be annoyed if I skipped the wedding to do a swap). Until...
  7. Member's Rides
    Welcome to my KR4 5port Progress Thread November 2009 Member Of The Month __________________ Progress This is an index of mods in chronological order. Click on the post number to be taken directly to that part of the thread. Post 023 - Ditched The Mud Flaps Post 025 - Stereo Post...
1-7 of 7 Results