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  1. Wheels/Suspension
    Hey folks. Figured I'd take this q to the forum. For a bit now I've been dealing with a loud creak eminating from the front driver side specifically when accelerating from a stop. For context: I've replaced all struts, strut mounts, and engine mounts. I've been to 4 mechanics or so to try and...
  2. General G20/Primera
    I've had various issues with my P11 recently, but I've managed to resolve most of them via advice from this and other forums. The only remaining issue is the power steering. It is slightly worn which causes very slight 'play' on the right front wheel. Unfortunately it is bad enough to fail a...
  3. 99 G20 Stteering Column

    $90.00 shipped(USA only) will combine shipping for multiple items. Comes with key and wheel
1-3 of 3 Results