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  1. P10 Parts: fender liners, center bezel, struts, etc.

    FS: For Sale Items
    Still more parts: Front fender liners - hard to find in one piece anymore, these are complete, no tears, rips, etc. $30/pair + $5 shipping Center bezel $10 plus $5 per switch: Complete: $25 + $5 shipping. front side markers: $10 + $5 shipping of course still have BRAND NEW, Already...
  2. Monroe SensaTrac Struts F&R, NEW - preloaded with OEM springs!!!

    FS: For Sale Items
    I bought and installed these brand new a month before my daughter wrecked the car. These are Monroe SensaTrac struts - suppose to ride as smooth as stock on smooth roads but automatically stiffer up a little as you drive the corners more aggressively. This is done with a varying diameter...