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  1. Wheels/Suspension
    Hi folks - Long shot but...Anyone know the dimensions/thread size/etc. of the bolts for the upper control arm of a 2000 g20? They're discontinued so I can't find the info.
  2. Wheels/Suspension
    I’m looking to buy coil overs for my 2002 G20. Found some just don’t know what to put the spring rating at. Any help would be much appreciated. Looking to use them for street use.
  3. FS: For Sale Items
    My Very Last P10 D2 Suspension instock $650 - new in box $650 shipped This isnt gonna last long, and I dont have too many P10 JDM parts left so let me know soon guys, thanks. If interested, call n leave a message or text me at 1-954-798-0601... I can't get on here as often as i'd like...
  4. FS: For Sale Items
    Ok i have 2 more P10 Suspensions by D2 im asking $650 for each neg. (check there site for specs but there pretty awesome and best bang for buck imo) Nismo wing for P10 painted obsidian black, asking $250 neg. Wing has the nismo badge and is pretty rare ,great condition! these are the last...
  5. FS: For Sale Items
    I just recently had a bad accident :zoinks: :*( and insurance says my car is totaled, im selling the parts i've acquired over time that were meant to go on after it was painted, im asking $250 each for the nismo wing(used but great condition) and the eGT front bumper(new never used and prefer...
  6. FS: For Sale Items
    Dump my 94 G20, so selling my suspension set. used for 2 years. 550.00 OBO. email me if interested.
  7. Wheels/Suspension
    My left rear shock has started leaking! The full set of Wings' GAB SUPER shocks were fitted prior to my purchasing the car so I don't know a great deal about them, which makes replacing them somewhat trying. Managed to find the model number: KJ30 KYB GSWA2750L Not sure if that helps...
  8. Wheels/Suspension
    Hi there everyone, finally got around to installing my set of AMR Coilovers for the P11 yesterday, although due to me starting in the late evening, I only got the fronts in, though the rear won't take to much time, so look for a update later today. Anywho, I didn't get a chance to take many...
  9. Wheels/Suspension
    This is probably a very noob question, but I've searched and most of the questions I see all relate to lowering the vehicle, which I'm not interested in doing. My issue is this: the car has an OEM suspension, and it's a bit rough, probably because it has 130k miles on it. What options do I...
  10. Tein/AGX Drop

    Right after install
  11. Tein/AGX Drop

    Right after install
  12. Tein/AGX Drop

    Right after install
  13. Tein/AGX Drop

    Right after install
  14. Tein/AGX Drop

    Right after install
1-20 of 24 Results