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  1. Engine/Transmission
    When my clutch blew this winter, I used the key value clutch in my 99t!! I'm just realizing this now as I troubleshoot a strange vibration in the drivetrain. I also found a ripped boot on my driverside axle, which is completly understandable considering the axle has 180000 miles on it and...
  2. Wheels/Suspension
    Hey guys and gurlies, so after finally driving my car hard after adding some things and adjusted things I decided to make a thread reviewing my suspension. First off I have a 2002 5port with 111K Miles. Stock Brakes(for now), Stock Clutch, AEM CAI, Advanced Timing 19*, and a Mild grounding...
  3. My g rollin with Tein SS

    Finally...the teins are here!
1-3 of 3 Results