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  1. OOps!! P10 Clutch in a P11!!

    When my clutch blew this winter, I used the key value clutch in my 99t!! I'm just realizing this now as I troubleshoot a strange vibration in the drivetrain. I also found a ripped boot on my driverside axle, which is completly understandable considering the axle has 180000 miles on it and...
  2. My Suspension Setup

    Hey guys and gurlies, so after finally driving my car hard after adding some things and adjusted things I decided to make a thread reviewing my suspension. First off I have a 2002 5port with 111K Miles. Stock Brakes(for now), Stock Clutch, AEM CAI, Advanced Timing 19*, and a Mild grounding...
  3. My g rollin with Tein SS

    My g rollin with Tein SS

    Finally...the teins are here!