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  3. Recommended Tint Shop?... Chicago

    I've been reading about the differences between the various types of tints and would like to have them installed on my car... Can anyone recommend a reputable tint shop in the Chicago area? Thanks BankBen
  4. What's your state's tint law?

    General G20/Primera
    I thought it would be a good idea if there was a place that you could easily access in order to find out what your state's tint laws were. Being in the military, I move a lot, and would prefer to get tint that I can be legal with i most states. Anyway, I found this website that is a quick easy...
  5. Tint2


    Q45, G20 Tinted in front of my house
  6. The Q45 and G20

    The Q45 and G20

    Q45 and G20 just after being tinted so nice