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  1. Maintenance
    Ok... I just finished swaping the engine in my 1996 P10 w/ AT. It was a lot of work but with the FSM and reading the forums, I got it done. Note... The engine came from a 1998 Sentra with MT. Hint... I had to change the top half of the intake because it was different... I had to swap...
  2. Maintenance
    Have a 2000 P11. Today, I had the alternator type electrical problems, i.e brake, abs, battery light on, but also had the airbag light on, no headlights, dim dashboard light, dim radio lights, and the o/d off light on and started bucking. Made it off the road, checked under the hood, found...
  3. Maintenance
    Is there anyone out there who has a code book or knows anything about the diagnostics codes or a Nissan Primera/Camino?. The overdrive light blinks 16 times whenever I start the car up and I some how the car seems to be operating in the safe mode. Does anyone knows what16 blinks mean?..I love...
  4. Engine/Transmission
    I currently own a 2001 G20t, 4-speed auto. I tried using the search function but I was unable to find a post that listed the parts necessary to do a swap. If someone could offer advice and or additional information regarding how to go about a swap, it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Engine/Transmission
    I have a '00 g20t. My check engine light has been on for a while and I took it to a nearby shop. They came back saying the problem code was P0740 - and had to do with the TCC solenoid. They said when the tcu or tcm (cant read their handwriting) detects open or short in torque converter clutch...
1-5 of 5 Results