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  1. WTB: trunklid w/o spoiler

    WTB: Want To Buy Items
    i would like to buy a trunk lid just the metal no lights or interior carpet thing from a p11
  2. Nissan rear badge on P10s?

    Could anyone describe and/or show me a pic of the rear Nissan badge off a P10 Primera? I'm assuming that it's made of something a little heftier than plastic, and chrome-faced? Thank you.
  3. P10 non-touring trunk strut fix.

    I was having trouble opening my trunk smoothly because the struts were worn out, but I recently found a place on ebay that sells a pair for 35$ (35 for both) I bought them and they came in 3 days with the cheap shipping option. They look and feel like high quality (even though the ends are...