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  1. Vendor Deals
    Ok guys we are going to do another Tein sale! pricing is good till Friday! Order yours today P11- $160 shipped lower 48 (PM me for details outside the US) P10- $170 Shipped lower 48 (") Here is the link to order G20 Springs Jason
  2. CPO: Car Part Out
    UPDATED WITH WHATS AVAILABLE. KEEP IN MIND THE CAR IS GONE! THIS IS ALL THAT'S LEFT! UPDATED AS OF AUGUST 25 NEED THIS STUFF GONE. BEST OFFER BY SEPTEMBER 3RD AND ITS YOURS. Well, after sitting for almost 2 years I have retired and am sending my baby off to other to inspire and help other...
  3. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    Hey everyone I posted this car a while back and got a couple of hits but no buys. This is why i have lowered the price significantly. The car is a silver 94 g20 touring edition. Leather seats, sunroof, power everything....the usual that comes in the touring edition. It has alpine cd,mp3,media...
  4. Turbo
    Any one knows where I can get a down pipe for turbo 93 g20
  5. CFS: Car(s) For Sale
    I really need to move my 94 turbo G20t quickly to buy a truck for work. The car is silver with black leather interior. It has power windows,locks,seats,sunroof,etc. The stereo is Alpine media expander with pioneer components.It has dual guage A-pillar pod with boost and EGT. Also has GReddy...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm Juan.. it's a given since go to Florida International University in Miami hahaha.. j/k.. but yea.. when i go home on the weekends, my house is in Broward. but yea my best friend introduced me to the G20. He has an Se-R and kept telling me how great Nissan was and specially the SR20...
  7. Engine/Transmission
    For those of you going turbo and need to change your injectors, this write up should be of some help. First you want to release the fuel pressure. Turn the car on, and pop the fuse box cover underneath the dash. Pull put the 15A fuse that controls the fuel pump, and the car will still in...
  8. Turbo
    Turbo write up PART II -- with PICS - 56k beware So, I'm upgrading turbo's since I want some more power (Write up for the current setup can be found here: This is my current setup: Avenir W10 T25 Turbo Avenir Manifold Spearco 27x5x2.5" (2"...
  9. Engine Bay Shot

    not much going on in here either. planning on painting that exhuast manifold to match everything else.
  10. new turbo 3

  11. new turbo2

  12. Turbo
    Well my project kicked off today. At 7:30pm, I set my timing back to 15*, and took my front bumper off. I took off the front, drivers side wheel, just to give extra room for when I have to do my intercooler piping. I jacked up the car, and let the engine oil pour out. We also removed the...
  13. W11 T25

    Another T25 pic
  14. W11 T25

    Here is my T25 setup, sorry about that circle with arrow, I needed to show someone somthing
1-15 of 15 Results