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valve cover

  1. Making room sale (pics inside)

    FS: For Sale Items
    Got some stuff for sale people! I'll take trade offers just let me know what you got. Locals get 1st dibbs on everything! I got car parts piling up, so I need to get rid of some of it. Might have some other stuff up later too. Also, i'm a busy man with school, and work so give me some time...
  2. need an opinion

    Sponsor Discussion
    i'm trying to decide on what color to paint my valve cover. for those who havn't seen my engine setup currently:
  3. valve cover 1

    valve cover 1

    valve cover, trg performance/coating. Mirror Black, with shaved letters. Ignore the smudges, little girls do that.
  4. valve cover put back in place

    valve cover put back in place

    Here is the valve cover placed back where it should be. To see what it looks like done, refer back to hte first pic ;)
  5. ready to be put back on!

    ready to be put back on!

    The gasket is ready to be put back onto the motor.
  6. gasketting and sealanting the valve cover

    gasketting and sealanting the valve cover

    here we are applying ultra black as well as putting the new gasket onto the valve cover
  7. drying out

    drying out

    Drying out the wet but clean valve cover before it is reapplied.
  8. cleaning the valve cover

    cleaning the valve cover

    Time to clean out the valve cover that hasn't seen the outside in nearly 11 years!
  9. valve cover

    valve cover

    the underside of the valve cover
  10. All Tuned-Up

    All Tuned-Up

    I just finished tuning up my "G". This included swapping my valve cover to a newer powder coated one oh, and a tune-up that included changing my OEM fuel filter, NGK sparks plugs and wires, OEM valve cover gasket kit, OEM cap & rotor, K&N oil filter, Chevron Tekron gas treatment (f
  11. Engine bay

    Engine bay

    This is my valvecover in mirror black
  12. Valve cover

    Valve cover

    For sale! $45 + shipping
  13. charcoal powder coated valve cover

    charcoal powder coated valve cover

    my powder coated valve cover befor it goes in