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  1. Engine
    Hey Guys, i recently sprung an oil leak on the Right side of my SR engine, it is a Sr20det with A VVL head, it appears to be coming from under the intake manifold, like from the oil filter housing,that also has a oil pressure sending unit I believe. my question is, is there a gasket there?(part...
  2. Transmission
    Hey guys, new to the community, I'm wanting to see if anyone has any input on this, I have a 92 Infiniti g20 with what I believe to be a 99 Infiniti trans, non LSD. I believe my trans 3rd gear going out and would like to just swap one in and out without modifications. number on side of...
  3. Turbo
    Any one knows where I can get a down pipe for turbo 93 g20
  4. VVL/VE
    Hello anyone know if SR20 Neo VVL will go into a 93 G20, and what we need to swap. Any info pls
  5. VVL/VE
    It's happening, guys. I am going up to NJ to pick up the VE on Thursday, Aug. 7, and the swap will take place the weekend of Aug. 16-17 (I would do it on the 9-10th, but my cousin is getting married on the 9th and I think my family would be annoyed if I skipped the wedding to do a swap). Until...
  6. VVL/VE
    Welcome to the VE Club! Members (in order by post): ##. Nick -------------- Car ------------------ Motor 01. G20-Budo ---------- 96 G20 -------------- SR20VE 02. p10socal ---------- P10 ----------------- SR20VE 03. ragt20 ------------ 98 Primera GT 2.0 --- SR20VE 04. CurtDragon --------...
  7. Member's Rides
    Welcome to my KR4 5port Progress Thread November 2009 Member Of The Month __________________ Progress This is an index of mods in chronological order. Click on the post number to be taken directly to that part of the thread. Post 023 - Ditched The Mud Flaps Post 025 - Stereo Post...
1-7 of 7 Results